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Caballero Avenue A and 34th Drive
Carver 5th Street and 13th Avenue
Clymer 553 Orange Avenue
Colorado River Beach Park 1st Street at the end of Madison Avenue
Friendship Park Avenue A and 34th Drive
Joe Henry Memorial 23rd Avenue and Colorado St.
Kennedy Memorial 24th Street and Kennedy Lane
Kiwanis 8th Street and Magnolia
Library 3rd Street and 3rd Avenue
Netwest 12th Street & 14th Avenue
Sanguinetti Memorial 8th Avenue & 22nd Street
Sunrise Optimist 20th St. and 45th Avenue
Smucker Avenue A and 28th Street
Winsor Rotary Park 20th St. and Avenue B-1/2
Athletic Fields
Cibola Athletic Field 4100 20th Street
Joe Henry Athletic Field 23rd Ave. & Colorado Street
Keegan Field 24th Street & Kennedy Lane
Kennedy Athletic Complex 24th Street & Kennedy Lane
Ray Kroc Baseball Complex Avenue A & 35th Street
Sanguinetti Athletic Field 3rd Street & Avenue A
Woodard Athletic Complex 22nd Street and 10th Avenue
Swimming Pools
Carver Pool 5th Street & 13th Avenue
Kennedy Pool 24th Street & Kennedy Lane
Marcus Pool 5th Street & 5th Avenue
Recreation Centers
Adult Center 160 E. First Street
Clymer Recreation Center 553 Orange Avenue
Joe Henry Optimist Center 1793 S. First Avenue
John Morris Recreation Cottage 5th Street & 13th Avenue


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